Secret Missions in World of Warcraft

광주흥신소 Secret missions are special objectives players can complete during boss fights. They usually involve exploiting a boss’ weakness or making the fight easier in some way.


These are some of the wackiest content in the game, and finding them can be quite difficult. The first time you encounter a Secret Mission, a briefing will play showing you how to access it.

What is a Secret Mission?

Secret Missions are quick, timed challenges that can be undertaken to increase your Style ranking and unlock new gear. They are found beyond Sealed Doors, which must be unlocked with the corresponding Key found in the level (Copper, Argent, Gold, or Ivory).

The first time you do a Secret Mission, it will reward you with a Blue Orb Fragment, and each subsequent completion rewards you with a large Red Orb worth 100 total Red Orbs. These Red Orbs can be used to upgrade your Vitality Gauge.

In Wing Commander, Origin’s first game expansion introduced the thrilling concept of Secret Missions. The Claw was called upon to investigate a distress call from the obliterated human colony of Goddard, only to discover that the Kilrathi were testing a brand-new superweapon.

Whether you’re defending your base, or infiltrating enemy space, there is always an opportunity to score a Secret Mission. These missions are best played with units that have high activation counts, 광주흥신소 and deployments like Hemmed In and Danger Close are a great choice for them. Hemmed In has a three zone disarray, while Danger Close effectively divides the board in two, giving your unit the chance to slip in without being noticed and score a home run for you. In fact, any deployment that makes your opponent blunder is good for Secret Mission.

How do I find a Secret Mission?

Getting one of these secret missions is fairly straightforward. When a new player or returning agent first visits SECRET, the recruiter hands them a codex and a case file with their latest assignment. Players are then directed to a plain door with a glowing SECRET logo. Players can start these adventures whenever they want and can even return to them later, like a regular mission.

Some of the most popular SECRETs involve chasing down bosses and completing their unique challenges. Others, however, can be found simply by exploring the world. The key is to have a keen eye and venture off the beaten path as much as possible.

In Mission 11, for example, a hidden challenge asks players to kill a demonic presence with a single shot. This is pretty easy to do, as long as you’re able to spot the target’s weak point.

Several other secret challenges require players to perform specific actions to trigger them. In some cases, the required action is obvious, while in other instances the player must be at just the right angle or in a specific place to activate the secret challenge. For instance, one SECRET in Mission 9 requires the player to break the walls of a scaffolding by summoning Nightmare and using him as a grappling hook. This involves a little platforming, but it’s a very easy way to get some extra cash and experience.

What are the rewards for completing a Secret Mission?

You get a special reward for finishing a secret mission. The rewards are different for each of the secret missions, but they usually include a Blue Orb Fragment. Some of them also unlock additional creatures in a gacha. These creatures won’t appear in a gacha until you first complete the secret mission that unlocks them.

These rewards aren’t necessary for progressing through the story or beating the game, but they are nice to have as a completionist. They can also count toward a separate Trophy that requires you to find all of the items in the game.

The first secret mission can be found as you explore the level after defeating the first boss in Downtown Vinewood with Michael. Look for a blood clot blocking the path up the wall and destroy it to open a passageway that opens up in front of you. Walk through the opening to start the secret mission.

The next secret mission can be found in a staircase after you’ve completed the first pillar on a bridge as Nero. Follow the track around the back of a time statue and fight a group of Punch Line Devil Breakers. Keep Nero’s Flap Top ability active and use it to jump across the enemies to avoid taking damage. Maintain a high style ranking while doing this to ensure you can finish the secret mission within the time limit.

What are the best deployments for Secret Missions?

In 120 countries around the world, soldiers from JSOC conduct high-profile assassinations, low-level targeted killings, capture/kidnap operations, escort missions for civilians and foreign allies, and kick-down-the-door night raids. They fight a shadowy war that is unknown to most Americans.

JSOC units are trained to be inconspicuous, and R2-D2 and Padme are no exception. However, they may still need some escorts to avoid an opponent that specializes in hunting them down (full BX droid squadrons come to mind). This is where the new deployments like Hemmed In and Danger Close are very effective. These allow the Secret Mission units to move far away from their army, preventing them from being engaged and allowing them to gain an unobstructed path to their opponent’s deployment zone.

In addition, Secret Mission can be a powerful tool when combined with other cards that allow you to manipulate your activation count. For example, if you have a lot of Force Commanders, you can use the Commanding Officer ability to ensure that your Secret Mission unit will be activated before any of your other units. Then, when you use a deployment like Infiltrate, you can slyly place R2-D2 into a position where the enemy is forced to take action first – and that’s exactly what a good operative wants. So make sure to include some of these cards in your list, and don’t be afraid to go for a high bid when playing with Secret Mission.