How Double Agents Disrupt Established Industries

Double agents have long been a staple of spy fiction for their deceitful nature and ambiguous loyalty. These dangerous spies often operate against experienced intelligence officers of their adversary service, risking their lives in the process.


Using clues found around the map and information relayed via voice chat, the Operatives and Investigator must track down and eliminate Double Agents to win. Players can also gain access to unique Skills during the match. 광주흥신소


Deception is one of the most important tools of espionage. Double agents rely on it to hide their true identities and pass false intelligence to the enemy. This deception can take many forms, from secret entry into a home to steal information to disinformation campaigns. It requires serious practical and psychological preparation to pull off successfully.

For example, during the Normandy landings of World War II, the British relied on their double agent network to mislead the Germans by reporting fake troop sightings. This was accomplished by allowing agents to report minutiae such as unit markings and insignia, instead of the actual locations where units were stationed. This deception was known as honey trapping and required a lot of deception skills from the agents involved.

In Call of Duty Double Agent, it’s also vital for the Investigator and Operative to use deception tactics. They can lure the Double Agent away by feigning interest in an air drop or clue, then kill them or sabotage them to prevent them 광주흥신소 from alerting other players. It’s also helpful for them to communicate with each other about what they’re seeing on the map, especially if they notice suspicious behavior or a dead body.

Double Agent also gives players the opportunity to sabotage and disrupt their enemies through a special cache called the Dead Drop Cache. These destructible containers can contain powerful weapons like the one-shot, one-kill R1 Shadowhunter crossbow or Epic and Legendary Weapon Blueprints. In addition, they can also contain Scorestreaks that give players a competitive edge in the game by giving them access to Trophy Systems, Stimshots, and Hand Cannons.


Detection is a critical phase of detection-enabled defense (DE) and is often the first step in defending your organization from attackers. Threat intelligence feeds are great for catching known indicators of compromise (IoCs), but to be effective, they need contextual data about attacker tools, tactics and procedures (TTPs) that are unique to your environment.

Double agents are a useful tool for intelligence-gathering agencies to infiltrate their enemies or rivals. They may be former loyal members who report to another agency voluntarily or under duress. The fanciful characters of double agents have long been beloved in fiction for their deceptive abilities and complex moral code, and they continue to populate the world of real-life spying.

One way a double agent can avoid being detected is by spreading disinformation. This can include false information, but it is more commonly used with moles to gain trust at their parent agency and throw investigators off track. In addition, the agent to whom they are loyal may give them true but useless information for the same purpose. In either case, the agent may spread this information to distract their betraying agency and keep their identity secret.


Often double agents use their business models to disrupt established industry leaders. This is true even when they don’t actually create new industries. They may target overlooked segments of customers or follow an uncommon business model. Disruptions can take many years to build customer traction and achieve market momentum.

Clayton Christensen’s 1997 book The Innovator’s Dilemma (Christensen 1997) introduced the concept of disruptive innovation, which is an alternative to the more common paradigm of incremental improvements and product line extensions. The key to disruptive innovation is targeting a segment of the market that is neglected by incumbent leaders. This segment is typically ignored by the leading firms because it doesn’t fit their existing resource allocation processes. It is also not attractive to the upmarket-oriented leaders, who are more interested in preserving their dominant positions than defending new markets or low-end markets.

The leading firms therefore feel no pain or threat from a new entrant until it begins to steal their most attractive low-end customers. Then they must choose to fight or flee. A good example of this is the steel minimills that grew by pulling customers away from integrated steel mills, as described in The Innovator’s Dilemma. Other examples include Southwest Airlines’s attack on the airline industry’s low end, and Charles Schwab’s offer of discounted trading fees to attract customers from traditional brokerage firms.


A double agent is a spy that works for one country but secretly works against the country’s interests. Double agents can be difficult to spot because they must keep their identity hidden due to the nature of their job. However, they can still cause suspicion by pointing fingers at other players or even by making noise on one side of the map and then moving to another.

To find a double agent, both the Investigator and Operatives must track them down using clues. These clues are spawned around the map and can be decoded with a radio to reveal a player’s location in the world and on the mini-map. Clues can include a player’s gender, their given Operative number and whether the number is odd or even.

Other clues can be found by destroying Field Upgrades or Dead Drop Caches that contain Epic and Legendary Blueprint weapons. Lastly, the Investigator can also use their special ability to issue a Wanted Order on a suspected Double Agent. This marks the player as wanted and instructs all Operatives to kill them.

The Investigator and Operatives can win a round by locating and eliminating all Double Agents. However, they can also win by destroying all bombs and Operators within the round or by waiting for time to run out. They can’t win if they kill a fellow player, however, as friendly fire is not tolerated in this game.